Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beach Memories Shadow Box


So, last August, my best friend and I went on a road trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C., let's just say we had quite a memorable trip! However, being the procrastinator that I am, I still hadn't done anything with the pictures, sand, and sea shells that we collected... until today! I thought it would make a great first project to do a shadow box of our road trip and would also be a great way to display the pretty sea shells that we collected! My best friend and I love to travel and I'm sure we will be taking many more trips, so I plan to do similar shadow boxes for each of our trips!

On to the project!

  • Shadow Box
  • Sand
  • Sea Shells
  • Spoon
  • Sharpie or Paint Pen (Optional)

Take your shadow box and remove the backing. 

Take your sand and carefully spoon your sand into the shadow box until it is filled to your liking.

Add in your shells, it took quite a few to get the box full!

Replace the backing of your shadow box and secure it.

Carefully stand the shadow box to its upright position, so as not to disturb the layers of sand and sea shells. 

Optional: Write the destination and year on the shadow box with a sharpie or paint pen.

Tada! Project done!!

I hope you enjoyed my first DIY Beach Memories Shadow Box! Come back next week for another new project!

Happy Crafting!


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog, Let's Get Crafty With Tiffany! I have a love for crafting and DIY projects and I want to share that with you! On my blog you'll find step-by-step tutorials for my latest projects, and occasionally my craftiness finds its way into the kitchen!

Let me take a few minutes to introduce myself. My name is Tiffany (if you haven't already figured that out)! I'm from a small town in NE Kansas and moved to Topeka to start college at Washburn University. I have a full time job saving lives one x-ray at a time! Haha! As much as I love being an x-ray tech, I love creating new projects even more, so lucky you! I'm new to this whole blog thing, but I thought I'd give it a shot, so bear with me!

I hope everyone can find some inspiration to create their own projects and I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Happy Crafting!